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Anytime Fitness

At CHW we understand that the physical and mental wellbeing of you, your family or employees is of upmost importance, now more than ever! So we have made it easier for you to fit fitness around your daily routines.

As part of our CHW_CLUB MEMBERS PACKAGE you will have access to our ‘Anytime Fitness Sessions’ where you can workout to suit your schedule. With 100s of on demand sessions, we will provide you with lots of variety that will encourage your body to adapt and become a stronger version of yourself. 

Why not try our
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 Something for everyone 

Our anytime fitness sessions are suitable for all ages, and all fitness levels. We can train the most deconditioned individuals through to the fittest athletes.


When you purchase a CHW_CLUB Members monthly subscription you will have full access to our exclusive members area where you will find 100s of real time, on demand classes.


Our classes are varied and aim to improve your muscular strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness and flexibilty.


Our goal is to positively impact the health and wellbeing of as many people in the world as we can.

The results…

+ Build confidence

+ Boost self-belief

+ Reduce stress

+ Get in better shape

+ Feel good

+ Boost immune system

+ Improve mental health

+ Improve physical Fitness

+ Increase motivation

+ Inspire others


Anytime Classes

To make the most of your membership join our private facebook group where you can leave comments, chat with other members, give us feedback to help us improve, help others improve, share your experiences with our members and catch up on any missed classes. Each new class is uploaded to our Private Facebook group as well as online streaming platform.

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To get started on your online fitness journey with us, please click below.

No joining fee, no cancellation fee, no contracts! 

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