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Create incredible mind, body and lifestyle changes,
that last forever.
The CHW_CLUB, provides an holistic approach to health and wellbeing, ensuring you have all the resources to help you establish new habits and achieve your goals.

What do we cover?

◦    Mental performance

◦    Diet and nutrition

◦    Fitness

◦    Education

◦    Community


Each section not only provides you with detailed plans of how to achieve your goals, we educate and teach you the methods and strategies that we use ourselves to get serious results. 

Click here to see some of the latest results from our CHW_CLUB champions.


 Key Benefits:

The CHW_CLUB includes: 

CHW Members Portal
CHW Members Portal Mobile.png

CHW Exclusive Members Area


Access to our exclusive members area on our website, where you can access all of our resources 

CHW Online Fitness
CHW Online Fitness_1

100s of Real-time On Demand Fitness Sessions


Over 200 real time, on demand exercise sessions
that gives you the flexibility to work out anytime, anywhere.

Our sessions cover a range of HIIT, Pilates, and conditioning sessions inclusive to people of all ages and abilities.

Yoga sessions coming soon!

CHW Monthly Recipes
CHW High Protein Pack.001.jpeg

CHW Recipe Packs


We have hundreds of tasty, healthy recipes and we add new recipe packs each month. Our recipe packs have a weekly meal planner, weekly shopping list, and a large number of recipes that have barcodes so you can link up with Myfitnesspal. Each recipe has the number of calories, carbs, fats, and proteins counted for you.

Our recipe packs cater for vegetarians, vegans, and meat eaters and are highlighted if they are gluten free, dairy free, low carb, high protein, meal prep/ freezer friendly, vegetarian, quick, and contain nuts.

CHW Nutrition Course
CHW Module 1 The Nutrition Fundamentals Part I.001.jpeg


The CHW Nutrition Course


Our nutrition course is an excellent way to educate yourself and learn more about diet and nutrition. It covers the nutrition fundamentals, advanced diet protocols, personalised nutrition, lifestyle management, supplementation, and sports programming.

CHW Mental Performance Course
CHW Module 1 Elite mindset.001.jpeg


The CHW Mental Performance Course


This valuable course will take you through assessments, practical applications and proven strategies to help you develop a cast iron mindset, ready to take on anything life throws at you. 

With 10 modules, this course has been developed to help you train the mental game to become your best.

CHW Nutrition Resources


CHW 7 Step Guide.001.jpeg

CHW Resource Guides


Our resources section is updated each month and covers a number of extremely useful lifestyle, diet, and training tips. 

CHW Training Programmes
CHW The Total-Body Blast Programme.001.jpeg

CHW Training Programmes


Our training programme section has a number of strength and conditioning programmes that are added to each month.

CHW Fitness Coach


CHW The Lean Muscle Program.001.jpeg

CHW Coaching Packs

Our signature goal related coaching packs are the best! Here you pick your coaching pack based on your goal.


The coaching packs include The advanced bulletproof gut programme, The eat real food programme, The habit transformation programme, The lean muscle programme, The starting fat loss programme, The metabolic reboot programme, and the final fat loss programme. These incredible programmes include training programmes, diet plans, and lots of advice and education relating to your goals.

CHW Facebook Group

CHW Private Facebook Community Group

Access to our facebook community group - a place where you can learn and grow alongside your peers in an awesome and welcoming environment. 


How much does individual membership cost?

To join our community and kickstart your journey,  please click and follow the instructions.


For only £9.99 per month you have access to everything!
And the bonus is there is no joining fee, no cancellation fee and no contracts!

For Schools and Organisations contact us to discuss our bespoke package offer.


Live Q&As

Live Q&A with the coaches every month.

CHW Price Roundel.png

Once you are a CHW_CLUB subscription member, we will email you an intro pack to help you get started.  You can also access the CHW_CLUB Members Facebook group by clicking the link below.

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