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Our Story

CHW was formed with one clear goal in mind - to improve the lives of people within local communities across the globe, through fitness, rehabilitation and education.



Mapplewell Health and Wellbeing was first formed in October 2019 by Jonathan Rowland. He had a clear vision, he wanted to improve the lives of people in his local community through fitness, rehabilitation and education.


Jonathan has been involved in sport throughout his life. From the age of 6 his main passion has been Martial Arts, specialising and competing at an international level in karate and more currently moving into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


At the age of 21 Jonathan became a prison officer at HMP Wakefield and was also was representing the regional England teams in Karate at this time. However due to work commitments, he found it harder to train as much as he would have liked to and eventually he retired. His love for sports however continued and he later went on to specialise as a PE instructor. He gained many qualifications, and this is where he became interested in improving the health and wellbeing of others through whatever means. He began to specialise in strength and conditioning, then moving on to specialise in diet and nutrition, medical conditions, and how to rehabilitate them. He later specialised in musculoskeletal conditions and injury rehabilitation. This is where the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. He realised that by utilising these skills he could really benefit the lives of others from all different angles.


In August 2019, Jonathan teamed up with his running enthusiast friend and also Brand Designer/Marketer, Jayne O’Keefe. With a shared love of health and fitness and with a strong background in brand marketing Jayne was able to bring Jonathans vision to life and by October 2019 a studio was built, the ‘Mapplewell Health and Wellbeing’ brand was successfully launched and customers were attending the practice.


As well as running his practice, Jonathan decided that he would also use his Saturday mornings to provide a free fitness class for the local community. The idea was simple, to get people of all ages into exercise, have fun, meet new people, and raise money for a good cause.


After the successful launch of ‘Mapplewell Health and Wellbeing’ Jayne and Jonathan both recognised there was a clear opportunity to help more communities throughout the country and even the world. As a result 'CHW' was formed in July 2020 and the Affiliate Partner programme was developed as a platform to bring like-minded skilled fitness and health professionals together with the shared vision and ultimate goal of providing outstanding services to all local communities and improving the lives of others.

“Our vision for CHW is to provide an exceptional service to local communities throughout the world.” 
Jonathan Rowland and Jayne O'Keefe
Founders of CHW


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