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Jonathon teaches online sessions to the local community

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Our Co-founder and Community Coach, Jonathon has been helping keep people fit during lockdown by offering free online fitness sessions that people can follow along with at home. He made the move online to make sure that everyone has access to fitness classes during self-isolation.

Jonathan said: “Since the statement from our Prime Minister, I decided to make the tough decision to close our gym to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

“This is obviously having a massive effect on our business due to the restrictions rightly placed upon us.

“We will be taking a couple of free online classes each week to keep the community physically and mentally fit and healthy during this difficult period.”

Jonathan, who started his fitness business in November, is keen to keep Mapplewell and people in the surrounding area of Barnsley fit and healthy.

“These classes will include pilates, metafit, boxercise and aerobic classes.

“We are also putting a good eating guide together which is not ready just yet, but keep an eye out of the next couple of months.

“I cannot stress enough the need to stay physically and mentally fit, eat nutritious food and keep moving. “Let’s come out swinging and fight this virus together.”

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