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Tempo intervals to boost your recovery!

An amazing way to boost recovery that is not too taxing or boring!

Tempo intervals are a moderate intensity method that can be used as a progression up from cardiac output.

This method is the next step in learning dynamic energy control to develop the skill of managing pace and recovery between repeated bouts of activity.

Tempo intervals improve the body’s ability to recover from high intensity exercises, increase work capacity, and promote regeneration without accumulating fatigue.

General guidelines for tempo intervals are:

Select an intensity that’s about 70% of the athletes maximum intensity.

Perform a 10 - 12 second work period.

Active recover for 60 seconds.

Repeat for a total of 10 - 20 reps.

Working at 70% of the maximum intensity sends extra blood flow to medium threshold muscle fibres, which stimulates their recovery.

Avoid using higher intensities to minimise fatigue.

If you’re doing this method indoors, start out on a machine that measures distance covered over time. This allows you to take an initial measure of distance covered at maximum intensity for 10 - 12 secs. From this measure, you can determine your 70% maximum intensity for the tempo interval work period.

This method is a recovery zone exercise you can use to improve conditioning and with high performance recovery training sessions to promote recovery.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of conditioning methods! :)


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