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The23 Podcast: How dealing with dangerous criminals led to setting up Community Health and Wellbeing

Back in August, our founder Jonathan Rowland joined Chris Kirby at

The23 Podcast to talk about his time in the prison service and how that kickstarted his passion for health and fitness which then led to him to set up Community Health and Wellbeing.

"A former prison office and now PTI in the prison service and the owner of Community Health and Wellbeing, Jonno Rowlands joins me on The 23.

What you see is what you get with Jonno. A Yorkshireman with a massive heart and a smile to match it. He brings an infectious, fun loving and laid back atmosphere with him but it's accompanied by a steely focus and a the drive of a man about to embark on a journey to success!

We talk about distractions that stop potential in it's tracks, fighting covered in actual s%*t, life as a prison guard and the blending of mindset, nutrition and exercise to achieve success and happiness.

A skilled Jui Jitsu and Karate warrior displays a spirit of just that and somehow at the same time he manages bring his light hearted warm personality to the forefront consistently. So what's his secret?"

Listen here

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