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Want to be able to go hard for longer?!?

This method will set your body up to go harder for longer! No joke! Who doesn’t want that!! :D

Both the cadence and resistance of this method engage the fast twitch muscle fibres over longer periods of time.

Increase the exercise resistance to the point where the athlete slows down while still activating the fast twitch muscle fibres.

Spin bikes or versaclimber work really well for this purpose. A prowler with a lot of resistance will also work, Also uphill lunges, or a slow speed step up can also work.

The guidelines for HICT are:

  • Perform 10 - 20 mins of total work

  • Keep the HR below the anaerobic threshold

As the athlete fatigues, it is important to focus on proper technique whilst maintaining a constant power output.

The HICT method facilitates recovery in addition to developing fast twitch muscle fibre endurance.

The concentric only nature of the HICT movements incurs less tissue stress than eccentric movements.

This method also increases blood flow to the fast twitch fibres which often accumulate the most training fatigue; the result is a decrease in recovery time.

When using HICT for active recovery, adjust the total work time to 5 - 10 mins.

Next up... Explosive repeats!


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