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Yoga with CHW

We have previously mentioned the benefits of Yoga and how it can benefit us all both physically and mentally.

We are ramping up our Yoga section and continuing to add short classes that you can do daily to improve flexibility, mobility and stability. We also include classes that improve posture, reduce back pain, and so much more!

It's really important that we focus on technique when taking part in Yoga. We do not want to get injured practising! It goes against why we train in the first place. Therefore, form is extremely important to us. Our instructional exercises section is loaded with videos that help you perform postures and exercises in a way that is safe and will enhance your performance.

Here is a FREE video of Helena performing a lovely Sun Salutation that will warm the whole body, improve mobility, and prepare you for your main exercise session. If you wanted to... You could continue to perform this Sun Salutation continuously and use it as a full workout!

Give it a go and let us know what you think!

Oh.. and if you would like to join the CHW_Club and get access to SO MUCH amazing content then head over to and join the club today!

See you soon!



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