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Improve your endurance and recovery!

This interval method uses high resistance to improve the endurance and recovery of fast twitch muscle fibres.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through inclined running (hill running).

You could also use a spin bike, sled drags or other aerobic machines with very high resistance.

General guidelines for high resistance intervals (HRI) are:

  • Approx 15% incline.

  • Cover as much distance as possible over a 5 second work period while maintaining proper technique.

  • Actively recover until heart rate returns to 130 - 140bpm.

  • If the HR does not go above 130 - 140bpm in the first few reps, actively recover for 60 seconds between work periods.

  • Set the total time to 10 - 20 mins, depending on the athletes fitness level.

  • Count the number of reps completed over the total time.

Give this method a go and let us know what you think!

Up next.. High intensity continuous training!


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