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  • Is there any initial training?
    To become an afiliate within Community Health and Wellbeing you must have already had sufficient education, training, and experience. Our vetting process ensures you meet those needs and we will need evidence of continued professional development to meet your contractual requirements. It is entirely down to you how you run your business and what courses you complete, however you must ensure that you are providing an outstanding service to the local community whilst sharing our vision of improving the lives of the community.
  • Why is there no initial training?
    There are many aspects to health and wellbeing and it would be unrealistic to say that we can provide training for them all. We expect you as a afiliate to already have the knowledge and experience in your field to provide an excellent service. We have close links with outstanding training companies who are the best in their field. From manual therapy to strength and conditioning, from degrees to 1 day courses we can put you in touch with the most reputable and cost efficient training providers.
  • What support will I receive on a daily basis?
    You will receive full website and email support on a daily basis.
  • Are there any opportunities to receive regular, ongoing training?"
    In our induction booklet we have listed reputable, cost efficient, and outstanding training providers. It is a requirement to stay current with new science and developments in our line of work.
  • What marketing support is provided?
    When you buy into afilliation. You will be given a starter pack. This pack will include your own personalised avatar, Facebook and Instagram templates, banners, social media set up, letterheads, email, website, plus much more.
  • Are afilliates encouraged to meet regularly as part of a more extensive support network?
    Absolutely. The opportunities are endless. For example Mapplewell Health and Wellbeing, and Wakefield Health and Wellbeing work together to deliver first aid qualifications. They are also preparing a council funded course to combat health related conditions to the public. We have set up a group on Facebook where affiliates can share ideas about what works and what doesn’t. We can share ideas of best practise and learn from each other. We are a pro-active company who will seek out new ideas and constantly improve the quality of service. There are no egos in this company. Teamwork really does make the dream work.
  • How How long has the business been running?
    Community Health and Wellbeing Ltd commenced trading in July of 2020. Initially set up as Mapplewell Health and Wellbeing in October 2019.
  • Who owns the business?
    Jonathan Rowland and Jayne O'Keefe company directors and are both equal shareholders at Community Health and Wellbeing Ltd.
  • What is their expertise?
    Jonathan has over 20 years’ experience in coaching martial arts, he is a strength and conditioning coach and manual therapist specialising in musculoskeletal conditions, he also helps clients rehabilitate medical conditions such as heart attacks, strokes and obesity related conditions. Jayne is a Brand Design and Marketing consultant. She has over 20 years' experience in this field developing commercially intelligent creative brand marketing and campaign strategies for many of the leading global brands we see around today.
  • What are the long term plans for affiliation?
    Our goal is to improve the health and well being in our communities. To do this we aim to have affiliates in every town/city around the world.
  • What sets you apart from competitors?
    Our first goal is to improve the quality of life in our communities. Our vetting process ensures we only have highly trained, quality fitness and medical professionals as affiliates. Our actions within the community increases affiliates profitability. Our marketing and branding strategy puts us way ahead of the competition.
  • How much capital is needed as part of the total affiliation investment
    You will need to pay an initial £500.00 to cover the set up costs. You will then pay £250.00 per month for the length of your contact. Contracts vary slightly dependant on the length of term. To see what you are getting for your money click here.
  • How many other affiliate locations are there?
    Please click here to see where other affiliates are situated.
  • What is the success rate of the affiliates?
    Your success is down to how hard you work. You will have all the material and strategies to get your name out there. You must become the expert in your area and only you can do that. You will have the support from Community Health and Wellbeing and we will continue to provide you with new marketing materials through our website and social media.
  • How long is an affiliates term?
    An affiliates term is a minimum of 12 months. If you choose to sign in to 24 months you will receive a monthly discount of 5% which is a total saving of £180.
  • Will my area of work be protected? (territory)
    Yes. We encourage teamwork between affiliates and there will be a 10 mile radius between each business. If a client is travelling 20 miles to get the same service they could in their local town it would make sense for an affiliate to recommend their local area. At the end of the day it is down to the client (they may really like travelling 20 miles to see you), that’s absolutely fine but at least we have given them the option.
  • How do you resolve disagreements or disputes?
    Disagreements or disputes between clients and affiliate owners will be looked at on an individual basis if it escalates to headquarters. However, the aim is for the affiliate to manage the dispute themselves. It is your business at the end of the day. If a disagreement or dispute occurs between an affiliate, each incident will be looked at on an individual basis. All decisions made will be fair and we will always look at finding a solution to all problems faced.
  • How do I sell my business?
    As before it is down to you how you manage your business. However you cannot just sell the business to anyone and use our trademark. Any prospective Community Health and Wellbeing affiliate must meet a certain criteria as explained previously. If the requirements are met upon interview they can purchase the affiliation.
  • What will a typical day be like for me as an affiliate?
    You are free to run the business how you like. You must ensure the business fits your lifestyle, you are providing an excellent service to the community and you are sharing our vision of improving the lives of others.
  • Will I have any control over marketing and supplier decisions?
    Yes! Lots of marketing materials will be provided but you don’t have to just use these! These include templates where you can get your message across to potential clients. If you require a specific design you can contact us and we will develop them for you. We have regular suppliers for marketing materials at the best cost. This can include flyers, business cards, banners, pop ups etc.. whatever you require we can put you intouch with our suppliers. Whatever software you decide to use for client databases, exercise etc is entirely up to you. We have included our favourite software in the starter pack along with their costs.
  • Will I get support with employee recruitment and training?
    We trust you to manage your business as you see fit. Your employees must be adequately qualified to do the job you require them to do. Our visits each year will ensure you are compliant. We have provided a list of outstanding training providers, however if you decide to continue your professional development elsewhere that is absolutely fine.
  • Are there any targets in place that I need to achieve?
    You set your own targets based around your lifestyle and what you want to achieve. However we do require that you provide at least 1 session per week for the whole community free of charge and raise money for a charity of your choice. This is a great way to give something to your local community and those less fortunate than you. Not only that you are getting your name out there for doing something extremely positive. This is not so common these days and you are setting yourself apart from the competition. You will attract media attention by doing this for all the right reasons.
  • Is the operations manual up to date and easily accessible?
    Our Brand Book/Operations manual will be provided to you in a PDF booklet format form when you sign up to be an affiliate.
  • Are there templates available for local marketing activity?
    Absolutely, our marketing materials are the best in the business. Our brand inspires people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, to come and improve their lives with you. We encourage you to develop the templates to meet your business needs and we will provide marketing strategies to help you develop your business.
  • Who is responsible for finding a location for an affilate?
    The affiliate is responsible for finding their location. However they choose to run the business it must be fit for purpose and share the vision of Community Health and Wellbeing. There are many business models that could be used from working in a gym, owning your own gym, working mobile, working out of a truck. The options are endless.
  • What criteria are used to find the right location?
    We encourage you to check local councils’ website and look into the health demographics in that area. By doing this you are able to target specific issues in that area through your marketing strategy.
  • Do you negotiate the lease on my behalf?
    No, this is your business at the end of the day. We are offering you the support of a company with an excellent marketing strategy to grow a profitable business.
  • How often am I obliged to refurbish or update my business?
    This is dependent upon your business model. Whatever model it is, it must be fit for purpose, welcoming, clean, and professional, and share our vision.
  • What attributes are you looking for in an affiliate?
    Our affiliates must show the following qualities: Strong leadership skills Suitable qualifications – Ideally level 4 and above but experience will be taken into account Charisma Integrity Honesty Enthusiasm Determined Committed Strong interpersonal skills Disciplined Open minded Hard working Confident Positive attitude
  • Will I get chance to meet with the support team before signing the affiliate agreement?
    Yes, we want to meet all of our affiliates. Firstly to get to know you and secondly to answer any questions you may have. We want you to know that you are the people who are leading the Community Health and Wellbeing project. You are the people who are putting the work in to improve the lives of others in our communities. It will be an absolute pleasure to meet each and everyone of you.
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